Achievement in Music (AIM):

It is a proficiency test that is authenticated by the state of Illinois. It offers a comprehensive curriculum that covers theory, aural skills, sightreading and performance. You will need to get your own workbook and pay the application fees through the ISMTA website.


There are 12 levels in the AIM. I can guide you to find your current level and to prepare for the test. It’s a personal choice, and it’s not required in this studio. The program is mainly designed for students who want to peruse music as a major or second major in his or her college. It also works well for parents who take serious in their children’s music education.


The Royal Conservatory Certificate Program (RCM):

It is very similar to AIM but widely used in Canada and Europe. It provides a national standard to parents and teachers to measure students’ learning progress and achievements. They have their own series of the method books. You can get it either through the official website or Amazon.


There are 10 levels in RCM, with an additional ARCT level, which is the most advanced step (An Artist Diploma) in the program. Again, this isn’t for everyone. But for people who want to peruse a music career, I would highly recommended.