How often should my child take piano lessons?

It is best for musical development when a person takes weekly lessons. Attending weekly lessons will keep the learning momentum going and mastering skills more quickly.

What if I don't have a piano?

If you don’t have a piano or keyboard, read our guide on “How to Buy a Piano or Keyboard“.

What is a good practice schedule?

A good practice schedule would be at minimum 30 minutes a day with breaks in between. 

Can I sit in on my child's private music lesson?

Yes – we have an open door policy. It is your choice when to sit in. Some students do find it distracting with Mom or Dad in the room. I can give you some advice on this after they get to know your child.

What is your makeup policy?

Make-up lessons won’t be rescheduled unless another student had to cancel his or her lesson that week. If I’m not given 24-hour notice, the missed lesson will not be deducted from your next monthly statement.

Can my two children have a music lesson together?

While in some cases it is more beneficial for both students to be taught separately, there are situations where this works however and we would be happy to discuss this with you. If you are looking for convenience, you can ask about scheduling both lessons at the same time with different teachers or book them back to back.